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Watch Now: Tate McRae - all my friends are fake x happy face (Live)

Watched these videos the other day and I’ve spent a whole lot of time since falling willingly down the rabbit hole that is Tate McRae. Man, this is a party I’m arriving late to and seriously wishing I had found my invitation earlier…but, whoa, I am thrilled to be here now. At only 16 years old, Tate is someone special who has not only found her voice but has followed/is following the whisper of passion in her heart to pursue a dream that falls outside what society ushers you towards.

Her songs offer a voice to the inner conversations that most certainly take place within the heads of countless youth today. If you’re a bit older, you’ll undoubtedly be pulled back to the tug-of-war of your teenage psyche. The beautifully composed lyrics couple with the simple instrumentation, cradling the listener as Tate paints vivid imagery of dreams, confusion, love, heartbreak and more – as much as I hate comparisons, I feel as though I’m listening to a leveled up version of pre-stardom Alyssa Cara blended to perfection with Billie Eilish. There is so much raw authenticity present in Tate’s music, brought to life thanks to her seemingly natural ability to purge her headspace in the form of captivating performances. Removed from these Vevo flicks, the young creative gained an audience by simply pressing record and sharing stripped down pages of her diary with the world.

Not coincidentally but timed perfectly for a new listener like myself, the DSCVR sessions came days before the release of Tate’s all the things i never said project. The 5-track EP is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Tate’s music and the live performances of “all my friends are fake” and “happy face” demonstrate an awareness beyond her years. There is such a radiating sense of emotive maturity, never once blinded by any sort of adult illusions. In being a teen, Tate is still a child – but her mindfulness and ability to maneuver through the roller coaster of emotions that come with her age should leave listeners of any demographic feeling a sense of relief. Because the kids are alright. The world is in good hands. Beyond the music, let Tate be a reminder to encourage people to follow their hearts, their dreams, and their passions. And, perhaps most importantly, to be themselves.

Enjoy the Vevo DSCVR videos below, do yourself a favor and check out her YouTube, go stream the new EP and keep your eyes and ears on Tate McRae.

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