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Watch Now: Tank And The Bangas - Nice Things

I’ll be honest – I’m a sucker for all the women stepping up to flip the script not just on common hip-hop/music tropes but societal roles in general. The rise of female empowerment through song is a breath of fresh air and Tank And The Bangas keep the momentum going with the good energy encompassing “Nice Things.”

“Nice Things” is saturated with a balanced call for men to be more chivalrous in their spoiling of the Queens, while also serving to lift women up as it takes the all too common “player” role and applies it to the female. In a society where men are praised for the number of women they get with while women are labeled “sluts,” etc., for being comfortable enough in their own skin to experience all that’s out there, Tank And The Bangas reverse the typecast in an elegant, hardly sexual fashion. “Nice Things” pops with its bopping energy while also radiating with confidence and empowerment. Tank, our leading lady, knows what she is after, clearly setting her intentions, and she is unabashed in going out to get it. The record is on some big “treat yo’ self” energy from the moment the vibrant instrumentation starts knocking.

The accompanying visual is fun and lighthearted as Tank does her thing, conversing with different men while celebrating in their attention, gifts and goods. In the end, she links with her friends, ditching the men all together before calling it a night.

“Nice Things” lives on Green Balloon, which is freshly available on all major streaming platforms.

Enjoy the video below.

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