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Watch Now: Tank And The Bangas - Forgetfulness

I dare you to watch a flick from Tank And The Bangas and not find yourself overcome with peaceful bliss as a smile washes over your face. This crew comes through with vibrant music and the most majestic of vibes every time they let loose a new musical manifestation.

“Forgetfulness” keeps the good energy rolling as the New Orleans-based kliq flips the script on the stereotypical “case of the Mondays.” Like an episode of adult Sesame Street, Tank and her bandmates stroll through the street, kicking slick prose all about the little things. Rather than let a stubbed toe ruin the day, the band makes light of common frustrations, resulting in an uplifting, soul cleansing anthem that’ll serve as a wonderful way to start – and end – any day. Along the way, viewers witness vibrant life from each member of Tank And The Bangas, who collectively bring the lyrical content to new dimensions with their tongue-in-cheek expressions. It’s a quirky and fun viewing experience, complete with the most infectious of good energy.

Moving forward, “la de dah” is the new mantra.

“Forgetfulness” lives on Green Balloon, which is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Catch the vibes and shine on below.

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