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Watch Now: SYML - The Bird

As the May 3rd release of his self-titled, full-length debut approaches, SYML builds upon “The Bird” by providing the single with an official visual treatment. Together, the video and the track work to bring bewitching life to the delicate, adroit dance that exists within and without us as we maneuver through loving someone for who they truly are – flaws and all – while working through our own lives, uniqueness and internal/external experiences.

“The Bird” features raw, gut-wrenchingly emotive vocals from SYML as he weaves over and between the turbulent, self-produced record. Coupled with the imagery captured within his words, SYML’s delivery becomes beautiful in its fragility – through sound, SYML provides the perfect storm, complete with slow builds, eruptions, crashing waves of emotion and the calm that comes both before and after. From start to finish, the listener gets the sense the protagonist is attempting – ever so diligently – to find the balance between holding on tightly yet still allowing the object of their love to breathe, live and experience their own existence.

As the sonic foundation climbs from subtle guitar to morbid, thunderous electronics, the accompanying visual builds alongside it. Throughout the Hayley Young-directed video, viewers are able to experience a wondrously choreographed dance that comes courtesy of Larieza Leigh Smith. Much like “The Bird” itself, the mesmerizing dance sequence builds from soft, gentle movements to intense, abrupt and almost robotic.

The story being told through “The Bird” is centered around complex yet familiar subject matter and emotion. Beyond the engaging sonic and visual aesthetic of SYML’s latest release, the SYML single becomes an oasis at which we can all come together and share in the relatable experience. It may not be comfortable, but it is universal.

The 12-track SYML will be streaming everywhere on May 3rd and the album is available for pre-order here.

Watch “The Bird” below.

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