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Watch Now: SYML - The Bird (Live)

With the release of his self-titled debut only one week away, SYML comes through with a live performance of “The Bird.” Filmed last March at Provenance in Philadelphia, PA, the live rendition features the same jarring emotion captured by the single, despite the stripped down essence of SYML’s performance.

As we watch SYML pluck the strings of his guitar, the artist liberates the song’s lyrics in an almost trance-like manner. One becomes captivated by the impassioned vocals, which stand prominently in the foreground as the electronic elements of the original single have been removed.

Colin Kerrigan and Rocco Avallone shot the footage on behalf of Out of Town Films.

“The Bird” is available now on all major streaming platforms, along with pre-orders of SYML.

Press play below.


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