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Listen Now: SYML - Bed

After releasing visuals for “The Bird” earlier this week, and with only two weeks until the May 3rd release of his album, SYML decided to let loose one more song off the forthcoming self-titled project. For the final preview of SYML, the Washington-based creative turns to “Bed,” which will find life as the third track on the album.

Emerging from a bass line SYML had written months ago, “Bed” features atmospheric production and stirringly passionate vocals. The emotive delivery is coupled with what feels like a racing heartbeat cloaked beneath the flapping wings of the synth. It’s a moving record that works to demonstrate the vast talent possessed by SYML, who provides both the lyrics and the instrumentation. In it’s own special way, “Bed” becomes like a modern, new-age take on “A Whole New World” – not in a sonic sense, but in the emotions it draws from the listener.

SYML is available for pre-order here.

Listen to “Bed” below.


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