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Watch Now: Sylvan LaCue - Love & Sacrifice

As the one year anniversary of Apologies in Advance nears, Sylvan LaCue reflects on and celebrates all the work, blessings, love and sacrifice that was his 2018 with the release of the Jonathan Benavente-directed “Love & Sacrifice” visual.

Upon the release of Apologies in Advance last January, the stars began to truly align for the Florida-based wordsmith. If you’re a newer fan, I highly suggest digging into his extensive back catalogue to gain a deeper understanding of LaCue’s history. As an avid listener of his music since 2009, it was such a pleasure to experience watching the progression of his career over the last 12 months. Perhaps more than any other artist in 2018, witnessing LaCue receive the long overdue – but perfectly timed – praise and spotlight filled me with joy.

But this isn’t about me – it’s about the next chapter in the lifelong journey of one Sylvan LaCue. And with his latest release, Sylvan utilizes the Apologies in Advance cut to offer up some reflection on what 2018 represented as well as shed some light on where his head is at moving into the New Year.

Filmed in California during the last stop on his self-funded tour in support of the album, “Love & Sacrifice” begins with a heartfelt testimonial from LaCue regarding the leap of faith, and subsequent chain of events, that was 2018. The monologue finds it’s foundation in gratitude while also dancing with the question of what to do now that he’s finally got people’s attention. Now more than ever, people are listening and watching – his streams are skyrocketing, the tour was a success and he even turned down an offer from RocNation. For some, this growing level of stardom may become too burdensome a weight to bear. But for LaCue, there’s no turning back – now is the time to continue working harder than ever to manifest the vision he believes so strongly in.

Decked out in a #toosweet Cactus Jack t-shirt, Sylvan recites his moving poetry backed by scenic shots of California’s natural beauty. Throughout the video, we see clips of tour – also littered with wrestling merchandise – as LaCue meets his ever-growing fanbase. There is a pure, authentic energy present as he interacts with fans, the smiles on everyone’s faces beaming with genuine love and happiness. Circling back to the idea that people are finally listening, there are more people than ever before finding an emotional connection to LaCue’s music. He’s touching and impacting the lives of his listeners on a much larger scale these days, and that fact is displayed so vividly here.

It may be Sylvan’s vision but it’s about more than just him.

The final shot may very well be the most powerful scene in “Love & Sacrifice”, as the audio cuts out and viewers see a smiling LaCue shaking his head and looking onward. With no words spoken, Sylvan’s expression and mannerisms speak volumes: this is it; all the sacrifice, work, trials, tribulations and everything in between has served it’s purpose in paving the road that led to this moment. Turning his head away from the camera to look onward, it’s clear LaCue is ready for whatever comes next.

Apologies in Advance is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Experience Sylvan LaCue’s “Love & Sacrifice” below.

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