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Stop and Think About Everything with Larcin’s ‘Redlight’


Born in Poland, Larcin is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He came to America when he was eight years old. When he was 12, Larcin started playing the piano. Around 2017, he began to record everything he wrote. Starting his music career, Larcin tried to develop his style and find his way in the music industry.

His musical influences vary from classic to modern hip-hop. He also listens to a lot of Polish hip-hop. With this, he began to establish his sound. Larcin shares, “I think my sound is different and unique, mixed with my Polish/American culture. It’s smooth and has got your feelings to move like a roller coaster.”

His latest single, ‘Redlight,’ means that most of us are stuck and are always in a rush to get somewhere else. Sometimes, you take the wrong turn or the right one. Larcin says, “I believe just the name of the song ‘Redlight’ connects people to it because when you’re stopped at a red light, that’s when you start to think about everything, and your mind starts to race.

When writing a song, Larcin listens to the beat first to see if it resonates with him. If it does, the words usually just come out of thin air. Recently, he has been producing his beats. However, most of the time, he works with a producer that goes by Sim Leek. They are currently working on an album together called LarSim 2. Additionally, Larcin has a 10-song collaboration project coming out soon with one of his buddies, Inca.


Listen to Larcin’s ‘Redlight’ on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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