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Listen Now: Sol - The Plug [prod. Nima Skeemz & Teal Douville]

Seattle’s Sol was the first artist I ever wrote about when I stepped into the blogosphere back in 2012. While a number of artists have popped up and either broken through to larger audiences or disappeared from the spotlight, Sol has remained consistently blessing his growing fan base with an onslaught of vibe heavy releases, always keeping the energy positive.

Although his last album dropped in the spring of 2016, the stellar Headspace Traveler holds up today as a solid collection of thought provoking, introspective and mindful music. And now, following the release of his cinematic If You Don’t Call” visual experience earlier this year, Solzilla returns with a new loosie that certainly leaves his fans hopeful in their anticipation of another full-length from one of Seattle’s best kept secrets.

On “The Plug”, Sol keeps his love-based philosophy but comes through with a flow more reflective of modern “mainstream” music – a little choppy in it’s delivery. It’s an interesting sonic landscape for Sol to experiment with but he does so masterfully, gliding over the Nima Skeemz and Teal Douville-produced instrumentation on his way to creating an absolute bop.

“The Plug” is the type of jam you want to put on to instantly increase your frequency and put a smile on your face. The impeccable union between Sol’s delivery and the smooth production results in a song that requires you have your dancing shoes ready. This is feel good music and, quite honestly, I think everyone’s playlist could use a little more love like this.

Hit play on “The Plug” below and vibe out with Sol.


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