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Stream: Sol - Soon Enough

Sol has been dropping off previews of Soon Enough over the course of the last year in the form of various music videos and singles, showcasing the process of growth and leveling up that has taken place within the creative mind of the Seattle-based artist. And now, following the release of “These Songs” earlier this month, Solzilla has officially liberated his latest sonic journey for our listening pleasure.

The 11-track Soon Enough features six new records alongside the previously released “If You Don’t Call,” “Freedom’s Song,” “The Plug,” “The Kids” and the aforementioned “These Songs”. Production throughout the album comes courtesy of Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz and Teal Douville – the trio blessing Sol with masterfully crafted instrumentation, resulting in a beautifully synced dance between lyrical delivery and sonic backdrop from start to finish. There is something uniquely magical about a naturally symbiotic relationship existing between the lyricist and the producer(s) and, after working together for so many years, it’s apparent on every track that these guys have found their collective groove. While they continue to push boundaries and allow their sound to evolve, it’s always a satisfying listening experience hearing the ways in which their styles come together on wax.

With a sound universally more upbeat than Sol’s The Headspace Traveler, listeners are still on the receiving end of a body of work that is saturated with depth and thought-provoking content. Soon Enough is a beautiful balance of substance presented in the musical manifestation of vibey bops – no matter what he’s covering on the album, listeners will feel their heads knocking along to the catchy presentation. Indeed, this is a wonderful way to cover the more serious subject matter; it’s easily digestible while still kicking knowledge through the speakers.

Sol uses the sonic landscape of Soon Enough to offer uplifting and reflective anthems, finding peace with – and invaluable lessons from – his journey through the physical. With a lengthy career that finds its foundation in Seattle but transcends state lines, Zilla is relentless in the fulfillment of his purpose and destiny. Through his music, he finds a healthy medium to spread love, positive energy and the most blissful of vibes to all those who choose to press play. As the interlude at the end of the title-track reveals, Sol knew what his “career” choice would be when he was a young child – thanks to his extensive body of work, we’ve been fortunate to experience the saga alongside him.

Features on Soon Enough include Wright, Lazã, Ben Zaidi, Camila Recchio, Otieno Terry and – the one who had me most hyped when the tracklist dropped – The Last Artful, Dodgr. Whether they’re offering up lyrical prose or soothing vocals, each of the guest spots fits like a puzzle piece, bringing a feeling of completion and wholeness to their respective records.

Soon Enough is available now on all major streaming platforms and you can cop your Sol merch here.

Stream the album below. And be sure to keep this one on deck for when the temperature increases and you’re riding around, windows down with the music blasting.

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