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Watch Now: Sol - Ain't Gon' Stop (At Home)

Even though tours have been canceled and nobody really knows what is actually going on right now, artists all over the world have been keeping their fans full with livestream performances, new releases and unique content. While Sol had big plans to hit the road with Sam Lachow in the coming months, he recently made good use of his time at home to link with a handful of friends (via safe social distancing) to provide his Zillas with a little throwback to the 2015 anthem, “Ain’t Gon’ Stop.”

Side note…I can’t believe this song came out 5 years ago. It speaks to the timeless essence of Sol’s music. The Headspace Traveler still gets frequent spins around my house and it feels like the project is still fresh in the land of tunes.

Back to the subject at hand. The Seattle representative joins forces with Elan Wright, Nima Skeemz, Max Levin, Greg Kramer and Avi Loud to breath a bit of new life into the vibrant record. As each artist lays down their respective parts from the comfort of their homes, “Ain’t Gon’ Stop” erupts to vibe-laden existence. Man, this is a feel good record if there ever was one. I dare you to press play and not start groovin’ around your dwelling. The way each instrument layers upon the others as they couple with Sol’s chill delivery creates a bright ray of sunshine across the soundscape, immediately lifting you from your seat and taking you on a wonderful journey complete with awkward two-steps and carefree dance moves.

Daps and pounds to the whole crew for taking the time to manifest the at-home version of “Ain’t Gon’ Stop.”

Catch the vibes below. Then pass them on.

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