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Watch Now: Snotty Nose Rez Kids - I Can't Remember My Name (feat. Shanks Sioux)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids continue the roll-out of their forthcoming Trapline album, due out May 10th, with the release of the project’s second single, “I Can’t Remember My Name.” In a fashion similar to “Creator Made An Animal,” the Turtle Island-based duo flip the script on preconceived notions and beliefs regarding Indigenous cultures by using the title of their new release to evoke one perception while instantly contrasting this stigma with the strong-willed and impassioned content of the track itself. Although the name of the record suggests they have become lost within the ways of the “new world,” forced to give in to societal “norms,” Young D and Yung Trybez stand proudly and prominently in the footsteps of their ancestors. As the single reveals, they and so many others have remained true to their history, traditions and way of life – in doing so, SNRK preserve, and pay tribute, to everything that does, has and will make them Indigenous.

“I Can’t Remember My Name” erupts from the speakers thanks to the explosive and energetic delivery of SNRK, who are complimented by the powerful knock of the track’s production. It’s a record saturated with praise and self-empowerment through remembering who, what and where they come from – complete with all the Indigenous references that set the collective apart from their musical contemporaries. It’s no secret that representation is vital for all walks of life, and the self-love and pride radiating from Snotty Nose Rez Kids is sure to provide a bright light to all the Indigenous people searching for that flicker of light that leads the way back to the good road.

Of course, the overarching message applies to everyone, thus making “I Can’t Remember My Name” a powerful lesson that benefits all those who listen. No matter how heavy the pressure from outside forces to give in to a certain way of life or set of expectations, it’s always the better option for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies to stay true to oneself. Remain your true self, your authentic self, and don’t get lost in the illusion of societal conditioning.

The Ben Knechtel-directed video is powerful in its own right, accentuating the track’s message in a visually stimulating fashion. Over the course of the video, we see SNRK stripping away the symbolic suit and tie wardrobe as they return to the beautiful imagery, traditions and energy of their Indigenous ways. Viewers see a broken mirror that juxtaposes the “new” with the “old,” demonstrating how – in many ways – these artists are not lost, nor are they a reflection of today. Rather, they are a reflection and living legacy of all that was, is and will continue to be. As one shirt reads in the video, they are strong, resilient and Indigenous.

Shanks Sioux laces the Trapline single with a fiery feature that couples with vibe of “I Can’t Remember My Name,” adding even more energy and rawness to the already explosive track.

Quick side note: props are in order for the slick Diamond Dallas Paige reference!

Trapline will be up for pre-order on April 26th, while “I Can’t Remember My Name” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Experience the visuals below.

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