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Watch Now: Snoh Aalegra - You

Was quite pleased to come across this hauntingly beautiful record from Snoh Aalegra today, as “You” contains a wondrous presentation of raw, unabashed emotion coupled with ethereal and esoteric vocals from the Swedish-born songstress. While the single was originally released at the start of April, “You” finds itself on the receiving end of the official visual treatment this week.

The song comes to life as Snoh delivers her declaration of love, the hypnotic essence of her voice quickly capturing – and keeping – the attention of all those who care to watch. “You” focuses on the often searched for feelings that arise from unconditional love – a love so powerful it keeps one locked in, regardless of the pain they may encounter in the arms, heart and headspace of their lover. Professing the need of her muse in her life, Aalegra is quick to express an inability to live without their presence in her life. Even when those around don’t understand or approve of the relationship, the experience of unconditional love allows Snoh to easily disperse the naysayers and proclaim her love.

Snoh’s singing finds a home within the arms of the slow, atmospheric instrumentation. Together, the coupling of Snoh and the production feel as if they’d fit perfectly as the sonic backdrop to a climaxing scene in a romantic ’80s flick. There are definitely some throwback R&B vibes on this one, but they’re blended masterfully with Snoh’s modern perspective and energy.

Izabelle P Wilson handles the visual, which is kept quite simple, featuring Snoh sitting as she delivers the song. Shot in black and white, Aalegra appears entranced in the emotion as she sings, as if the otherworldly spirit of pure love was running through her physical body. She’s singing, it’s her emotion, but the love – the unconditional love – is so powerful it emanates from a different dimension.

“You” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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