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‘SITHABO’ by One Of Them is an album focusing on ambient and electronic music


Niko Dalagelis who goes by the name One Of Them was born in Philadelphia, US & raised in Ioannina, Greece. Niko started his solo career under the moniker ‘One Of Them’.  One Of Them has been entrenched in the electronic music scene for many years.

His versatile sound ranges from house, techno, ambient & experimental electronica. He has managed to establish himself as a well-respected artist in the electronic music industry earning him spots at the Okeechobbe Festival where he performed alongside Skrillex, Bonobo, and Mumford and Sons, and gigs around the globe.

Niko Dalagelis, aka One Of Them, is releasing his first Ambient Album ‘SITHABO’ on his record label Artificial Owl Recordings that will be focused on ambient and electronic music. Each track on the album represents a moment inspired by Niko’s past 3 years of touring and traveling in places like Tokyo, Berlin, Okinawa, Fiji, and more. 


Listen to One Of Them’s album ‘SITHABO’ on  Soundcloud and here.


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