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Listen Now: seeyousoon - ICFWT

If “Steamy” was aggressively knocking down the fucking door to make an entrance, “ICFWT” is seeyousoon’s soothing reminder that the collective is versatile in their artistry. A lot comes up if you were to compare and contrast the two records but the most notable takeaway is “Steamy” and “ICFWT” both emerge from the same nine people. And that in and of itself says a lot about the eclectic range seeyousoon brings with them into the world of music.

The second single from the Florida-based seeyousoon serves as a collective call to action, melodically encouraging listeners to take a long look in the mirror and bask in the glory of what they see. That means everything you see – the failures, the triumphs, the tears, the scars, the love, the hate and all the ups and downs that make each individual who they are. It’s a celebration of uniqueness, wrapped in wonderfully endearing vocals and airy, enigmatic production. We’re all out here doing our best to maneuver through the mystery that is our physical existence and “ICFWT” pays mind to the waves of that journey while still reaching out with a helping hand of faith. Although dancing with themes of uncertainty and confusion, “ICFWT” finds its foundation in an overarching sense of hope.

Acknowledge what steps and missteps brought you to the present but don’t hold on to what was. In this moment, celebrate all that you are and be grateful to have made it this far. And never stop believing in yourself and your vision for what the future will be. Whatever it is you’ve lived through, you survived and you’re here. And now you’re ready to break new ground in this life and be the architect of your future.

“ICFWT” features an incredible range of delivery from seeyousoon and praise is due for how smoothly each artist comes in and out of the vocal space. Whether crooning or rapping, the passing of the mic is flawless as they ride the vibrant, atmospheric production. The instrumentation is damn near meditative as it couples with the respective prose, resulting in an otherworldly product that once again shines a light on the blossoming future of seeyousoon.

“ICFWT” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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