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Watch Now: Satsang - Thrill Of It All (Live)

Sugarshack blessed us with the Richard Vagner-featured “Go Fly” earlier in the summer and now viewers get another musical treat from Satsang. This time around, the band returns to their debut album, The Story Of You, bringing “Thrill Of It All” to vibrant life. It’s a sweet little jam session that’ll simultaneously open your mind and move your body thanks to the vibey, engaging instrumentation coupled with impassioned vocals.

“Thrill Of It All” is an uplifting record that inspires a sense of rebuilding and remembering. It’s as if Satsang has escaped the Cave and they are ready to spread light across the land. Despite the new vision – the awakening of sorts – there are still people locked in the chains of illusion, unable to see past the shadows and darkness. The song becomes a call to action – we are here in the physical for a brief moment in time, so why not live it, learn from it and love it the whole way through? Even when we’re trudging through the muck of trial and tribulation, remain open to the blessings and lessons that exist within the darkness.

There is a magical interconnectedness of all things – don’t buy into the idea of a hierarchy. We’re all here together: the people, the plants, the animals, the land, etc. Pay attention to the vast forms of life and expression that exist around you and embrace your freedom. In short, break free from fear and the conditioning society imposes upon you. Think, speak, act and live from a place of love…in all ways, always.

Catch the vibes below.

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