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Watch Now: Samm Henshaw - The World Is Mine

Woo! I pressed play on this one and immediately could picture vibin’ out with my tag team partner on the dance floor. And the energy wrapped around “The World Is Mine” is the type that brings the dance floor straight to your kitchen, living room or whatever ground you can plant your feet on. Samm Henshaw cooked up the epitome of a vibe with this one, and it’s a welcomed treat to hear something new from the soulful crooner.

Flipping a sample of Nas’ “Made You Look,” the latest from Henshaw is about as infectious as they come. With an upbeat and mood-enhancing instrumental paving the way, Henshaw bursts on the scene with his raspy, uplifting and knocking vocals. It’s the type of music you can feel hitting your psyche, transcending a mere listening experience and becoming something quite ethereal. “The World Is Mine” is a colorful display of energy, manifested in the form of song and musical vibrations.

Matching the same energy of the track itself, “The World Is Mine” comes to life thanks to a Stephen Coad-created visual. The stop motion animation features a fun, action packed car chase set to the wondrously engaging story captured within Henshaw’s prose.

“The World Is Mine” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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