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Listen Now: Samm Henshaw - Church (feat. EarthGang)

It’s hard to deny the divisive nature of fundamentalist religion, having twisted the love-based essence of God into a means of instigating hatred, violence and war for no purpose other than feeding inauthentic power struggles. But, at it’s core – removed from the influence of man – faith in a Higher Power serves only the most beautiful of purposes.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the will-power to actually wake up and be of service – whether that’s going to a physical church or living your life in a pure, wholesome manner. Nonetheless, regardless of your presence in church every Sunday or who you’re praying to, having that faith in some form of a guiding light is far more than a safety net – it has the potential to push you and allow you to thrive through life’s most trying of hardships. Through faith and a relationship with a Higher Power, one begins to recognize their own internal strength.

On his latest release, London-based Samm Henshaw takes these battling concepts and wraps them all up in the enrapturing, EarthGang-featured “Church”. Backed by soul claps and gospel-infused instrumentation, Henshaw croons about the energetic grapple that took place with his mother as she attempted to get him out of bed and to church on Sunday. Throughout Samm’s fervent vocals and the serrated delivery of poignant verses from Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, “Church” is littered with collocated expressions of faith and internal crusades.

“Church” is a masterfully crafted articulation on the overlying subject matter, showcasing the struggle while highlighting the diverse means and modes of experiencing faith and God’s blessings.

Press play below.

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