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Watch Now: Sam Lachow - Fifteen Pennies (feat. Camila Recchio & Elan Wright) [prod. Jake Crocker]

The timing of “Fifteen Pennies” is eerily perfect. And the music? Well, the music is fucking beautiful. Perhaps I’m caught up in this moment in time and in the newness of the record, but “Fifteen Pennies” feels like one of the best, most complete records Sam Lachow has shared with the world.

Wrapped within the comforting blanket of Lachow’s slick delivery, “Fifteen Pennies” dances with the battle we all embark upon when it comes to staying afloat amidst the trials, tribulations and vices that forge together to create life in America. As the war rages on, internally and externally, we’re left to maneuver through our daily life in hopes of discovering and protecting our true selves. Some come into the world with an advantage and some of us, like Lachow, have to rely entirely on our God given hustle and abilities. Regardless of your situation, you’re still drinking the Kool Aid and you’re still living under the cloaked illusion of government, waves of financial instability and a desire for more. “Fifteen Pennies” is a wonderful discourse on the socio-politcal climate in this country, as Lachow builds upon that commentary with themes of relationships, inner demons and more.

Camila Recchio and Elan Wright add a layer of atmospheric observation to “Fifteen Pennies” with their poignant chorus. It’s a chilling bit of prose unto itself, but their collective delivery of the hook is chill inducing and beautifully melancholy. As for the production, Lachow and Jake Crocker set the stage for what’s to come lyrically. It’s an intricate vibe lacing the record, drawing a plethora of emotion from the listener as it cycles through different sonic moods.

And then you have Justin Frick, who once again manifests an incredible visual experience for Lachow. Compared to previous Frick flicks, “Fifteen Pennies” doesn’t even seem that complex on the surface – but the simplicity, combined with the thought provoking imagery, couple together to create a vastly deep visual experience. From the flaming tea cups to the intermittently black and white shots and the playing card covered tree, “Fifteen Pennies” leaves viewers with a lot to disect.

“Fifteen Pennies” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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