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Watch Now: Sadistik - Daisies [prod. Bubbymane]

Sadistik is cut from a different cloth – it doesn’t take very many listens to understand that dude is just different. What makes his artistic contributions to the world special is the genuine emotion and aura of authenticity that encompasses his breed of different. There is not the slightest hint of “hey, look at me, I’m so different and counter-culture.” Quite the opposite – he’s not trying to act a certain way or be something or someone. His music – and the videos that come along with the music – feel pure; as if Sadistik is being his true self. As such, the layered content of his prose reaches a higher peak, because it’s coming from a real place within his headspace and heart space.

“Daisies” is the latest Haunted Gardens cut to be on the receiving end of a visual treatment and the ZeuroPoint-directed flick comes through as the perfect representation of the essence of the song itself. As always, Sadistik’s delivery makes it so you have to be paying attention – actively listening – if you hope to catch every nuance and appreciate the depth of his content. I have yet to come across a track from Sadistik that I haven’t had to run back numerous times before I could even begin to wrap my head around the music and start forming tangible thoughts. This, in my opinion, is one of the characteristics of Sadistik that make his music so captivating – it encourages, or perhaps demands, active listening.

Side note: although I’ve yet to watch any Game of Thrones, the sample of Arya Stark’s dialogue with Yoren in “Daisies” was a beautiful addition to the record.

Haunted Gardens is available now.

Watch “Daisies” below.

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