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Watch Now: Sadistik - 8 1/2 (Live Session) [prod. Televangel]

There’s less than two weeks to go until Sadistik’s Haunted Gardens drops and, based on what he’s released so far, the album is shaping up to be an impassioned purge of heartfelt emotions. With “Eden” and “Saints” already out, Sadistik comes through with the latest taste of the forthcoming project, this time bringing “8 1/2” to life with a swift live version of the Televangel-produced record.

Despite having dropped his debut project in 2008, I hadn’t become acquainted with Sadistik’s art until hearing “Eden” for the first time. Over a decade late to the party, I very quickly found myself enthralled with the intricate delivery of vastly layered prose. Each verse contains such masterfully pieced together lyricism, showcasing a unique utilization of lexicon and resulting in beautiful imagery and storytelling. You need to sit with the music, let it hit you and then go back and examine it to truly grasp the full extent of what is being said. And there’s so much being said on the surface and between the lines. It’s a wild ride each and every time you press play. Arriving late to Sadistik’s art is better than never showing up at all – and now I’ve got quite a bit of material to catch up on.

“8 1/2” features daunting production from Blue Sky Black Death’s Televangel, who laces the new release with well-balanced instrumentation that hits hard but falls back with precision when it’s time to let Sadistik’s delivery breathe. And when the production drops back in with a fury, it works to lift Sadistik even higher, providing his delivery with the perfect foundation to erupt from.

Haunted Gardens is set for release on April 20th and you can pre-order the album now. Sadistik made the iTunes pre-order available for a mere $5.99 and you’ll get your hands on “Gallows Hill” with your order.

Press play on the Shawn Thomas-filmed live session below.

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