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Sad Boi Project’s ‘Is Anything Okay?’ Talks About Anxiety and The Paranoia That Comes with It


Sad Boi Project is an alternative rock trio based in Los Angeles. Their sound is influenced by bands like Senses Fail, Hands Like Houses, Taking Back Sunday, and Royal Blood. However, they do put a new spin on the familiar feel of alternative rock.

Most of their music tackles embracing the negative, so you can accept it and move forward with your life. Each member of the band has something to contribute to the trio’s unique sound.

Lead singer and guitarist Leonardo Tolentino’s extraordinary voice blends well with the band’s alt-rock feel. Meanwhile, Isac Abreu’s drumming gives it a post-hardcore beat. Additionally, Steven Figueroa’s flexibility with bass playing brings the whole band together.

Their latest single, ‘Is Anything Okay?’ was written primarily about anxiety. Leo shares, “The question I posed was, have you ever had everything in your life seemingly go right, but still have that nagging feeling as if something is wrong? like you missed something?

‘Is Anything Okay?’ refers to anxiety and the paranoia that comes with it. It’s also about the manifestation of negative thoughts as a result. “This song means a lot to me since it is almost a constant in my life dealing with mental illness, so I hope someone out there can connect with it and know you’re not alone,” says Leo.


Listen to Sad Boi Project’s ‘Is Anything Okay?’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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