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Watch Now: Sa-Roc - Hand of God [prod. Sol Messiah]

With her full-length Rhymesayers debut on the horizon, Sa-Roc slides through with the best record you’re going to hear all week. And, man, if you weren’t already on edge waiting for an entire album of prose from Sa-Roc, you will be after hearing “Hand of God.”

The song provides insight into the DC-bred lyricist’s journey towards balancing her integrity with the battle that is proving authenticity. Over the course of the smooth joint, which is chalk full of clever wordplay and poignantly graceful delivery, Sa-Roc serves up glimpses of her life as she stays true to herself while still working towards recognition. If you’ve ever wondered what holds heavier importance to the RSE representative, “Hand of God” makes it quite clear – she would rather fade away than be someone or something she is not.

“Hand of God” features Sa-Roc standing in her power and natural beauty as an artist and as a human being. After years of paying dues and moving with trepidation, there is no longer a conscious or subconscious desire to stay quiet or mask her thoughts. Embracing her uniqueness and taking full accountability for her voice, Sa-Roc radiates with internal and external strength and conviction. You’re going to love her or you’re going to hate her – but, regardless of how you feel, it will be her. Not some augmented, scripted or cookie-cutter illusion. As the airwaves and screens continue to be saturated with “false,” you can rest assured Sa-Roc is blossoming in her truth.

Sol Messiah provides the rolling, spacey production upon which Sa-Roc levitates, creating a sonic playground that bumps softly in the background. The landscape cooked up by Sol leaves room for Roc’s powerful revelations to stand prominently in the front of the stage, while still leaving the listener with a soundtrack to bob their head to. Obviously artists are going to link with other artists that help elevate their prose to a higher level, but there’s a fidelity of energy coming to life on “Hand of God” that is damn near medicinal.

Tommy Nova handles the directorial duties for “Hand of God,” lacing the musical blessing with a visual treatment that is as deep and as thought-provoking as the content of the record. There’s a notable elegance to the video, one that is amplified by the simplicity of what the viewers see – levels, layers and dimensions to what’s going on, but it’s all presented in an austere manner.

“Hand of God” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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