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Listen Now: Ryan Charles - POPA WHEELY (feat. Sam Lachow) [prod. Kase Closed]

Ryan Charles calls for the assist from Sam Lachow, cooking up a full-blown Seattle affair on his latest release. The Kase Closed-produced “POPA WHEELY” is nothing short of a bop, as the two artists take turns riding the vibrant, lightly trap-infused instrumentation, exchanging verses in between some fun crooning.

Ryan and Sam step up with juxtaposing deliveries on “POPA WHEELY”, resulting in an aberrant record that’s as fun as it is mind-bending. You’ll find yourself running this joint back a few times to capture the rapid fire quips both artists let off throughout the new release – it’s not an absurdly lyrical track, but Charles and Lachow mask the depth of their content beneath the enticingly off-center energy present throughout “POPA WHEELY”.

Press play below.

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