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Listen Now: Rudy - "No Time"

God willing, each and every person birthed into this world will grow up. Some of us may reach an old age, some of us may be called home earlier than others – but, in some form or fashion, we all will grow older.

It’s a funny thing, the way our society perceives age. In some cultures, the elders are held to the highest esteem – for they are the ones with the knowledge and experience to hold true wisdom. While many in our society praise youth and the physical beauty associated with being young, it is only through the experience of living life that one learns about the world, and in turn, has the capability to learn about their own being. And still, we tend to look down upon those who have been blessed to experience a long, full life.

Perhaps it’s because so many “old” people seem to live a life of regret, looking back on their youth with a mind full of “what ifs” and “should haves”. While young individuals are rushing to reach maturity, not taking the opportunity to make the most out of the present moment they live in, the elderly are wishing for a second chance to take that risk they never took or pursue a dream they never made time for.

Fuck, man.

This whole life thing can really be a clusterfuck of finding the right balance of chasing a dollar or chasing a dream. Like, you know what you “need” when you’re broke as fuck. But you know what you “want” when you’re imagining or facing those dreams and goals.

But who says you can’t have both? Who says you can’t find that balance between living a “responsible” life that allows you to get by, that allows you to pay the bills, while still putting in the work to achieve whatever your heart is telling you is right for you?

Society does.

But with every day that passes, I’m learning more and more that all society wants is to condition us into a cookie cutter lifestyle that drains us of our desire to break out of the box of preconceived limitations.

Stop letting other people place their limitations on you.

We’ve all got a purpose beyond a 9-to-5. Hopefully, you have that something – or some things – that make your heart race. Those passions that make you feel alive, that put a smile on your face no matter what is going on in your life.

We all have dreams. And we all need the gas money to reach them. But don’t let your j.o.b. (just over broke) distract you from whatever it is that feeds your soul. If you haven’t discovered it yet, do your best to stop listening to your head – your ego – and start paying attention to that voice inside you – your heart. That lovely m’fer will guide you, man. All you have to do is listen, pay attention, and be willing to put the work in.

Rudy has a job that he’s passionate about. Rudy is also also a multi-talented artist.

Recently, Rudy had two snow days in a row and he realized having a snow day as an adult/grown-up is not the same as having a snow day as an adolescent. So, he took some time to create a beautiful piece of music.

“No Time” is about his experience having a snow day as an adult.

All my ramblings above are my personal interpretations of Rudy’s latest solo release.

To me, the organized chaos of “No Time” resembles and reflects adulthood and all the twisted beauty that growing up has the potential to be if we stop for a moment to soak in the magic that surrounds us.

When I write, I try not to put any artist on a pedestal. But it has been nothing short of a honor to witness, listen to, and experience Rudy’s art over the years. I’m not sure he’d even want me expressing that…but fuck it, this is my blog and I’ma blog what I want to *Kanye shrug*.

BY MY LONESOME is coming this year. Experience Rudy’s “No Time” below.


  1. La Cebolla Grande 3 May, 2018 at 20:06 Reply

    Beautiful track – will def save to my soundcloud. Nice write up too. The “age” thing doesn’t get me too often, but tbh, lately, I have been thinking about my age quite a bit and what it is to be “old” or “an adult.” Keep it flowing, Zach.

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