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Listen Now: Rudy - Moonpie (feat. Wrex Mason, Chad Browne-Springer & Oscar Godoy)

Sometimes you have to figure out how to maneuver between marking out as a fanboy and covering content as a dignified, unbiased journalist.

FYI: Rudy releasing music is that “sometimes” and that “sometimes” is whenever the CT-based artist shares something new with the world.

With “Moonpie,” Rudy calls upon three friends to help bring the track together in all its layers. And each of the featured artists add their own dimension of uniqueness to the record, resulting in a final product that floats from the speakers, transcending any singular genre with its atmospheric vibe. Wrex Mason assisted with the production, which is a trip in and of itself, carrying the distorted prose along the wavy journey from start to end. Coming through with the guest vocals is Chad Browne-Springer, who has collaborated with Rudy in the past as 1:2. As “Moonpie” nears completion, the instrumentation fades, giving way to Springer’s crooning and Oscar Godoy’s comforting guitar work – the transition from one moving part to the next is simultaneously abrupt and smooth, somehow capturing the sting of a slap and the warmth of an embrace in one masterfully pieced sonic moment.

“Moonpie” includes such a chaotic blend of sounds and vocals, yet they’re all pieced together majestically. This joint is an experience, meandering into the ethereal realm while keeping two feet planted firmly in the physical. As it plays through, it feels like a reflection of the headspace from which it manifested – an attempt to contemplate and make sense of a vast range of different thoughts, experiences and emotions. There is a lot going on, yet it never feels cluttered or messy. It just is what it is, with Rudy & Co. taking all the parts and bringing them together in one wondrous, vibrational landscape.

“Moonpie” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Preview the music below.

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