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As a fan of music in general, and certain artists specifically, there are times when I wonder how these creatives have the time to actually create at the level they do. This is amplified when I have the pleasure of forming a personal relationship – friendship – with an artist. Between jobs, relationships, and life as a whole, it leaves me nothing short of inspired when I see these artists – who have the same number of hours in a day as anyone else – juggle all that their lives hold and still manage to put the time, effort, work and energy into the whirlwind of a creative process that is blessing listeners with an album.

Which brings us to RUDY and BY MY LONESOME.


On July 9, RUDY took a monumental step forward in his personal and artistic journey with the release of his very first solo project. Prior to this, the CT-native had been cooking up gems alongside Murf in ClaS!cK, and experimenting sonically with Detelj in their Tom Savages endeavor. BY MY LONESOME marks the first time RUDY stepped out of his comfort zone in this manner and began putting in the work on something that is inherently for himself. With the exception of some emotional support and encouragement from those close to him, this project was the brainchild and manifestation of RUDY, who composed, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered every song on the 10-track BY MY LONESOME.

Throughout the album, RUDY utilizes his music as a creative outlet for his anxiety and the darkness that encompasses him as a result. The lyrics and the production/instrumentation take the listener on a journey into the physical, mental and emotional vessel that is RUDY. BY MY LONESOME is personal and raw, the content of the project seemingly serving as a surrogate therapist for the plethora of feelings circulating through the mind of the album’s creator.

To me, the real magic of music has always been it’s ability to connect the listener to the story or perspective of another person. Music has the power to produce a sense of relatability, even when you don’t quite know the full story of the original composer. Similar to ROY G. BVBY MY LONESOME gives the listener glimpses into the mind of RUDY, but we don’t get all the fine points and details. However, through the emotions that are laid on the table for all who care to listen, the audience is able to connect and relate. As such, one can build a relationship – their own relationship – with RUDY’s music and receive some of the same healing through listening that RUDY gained in the creation of the album.

2018 has been a wild year in musical releases, as it seems as if everyone is eager to up the ante and drop something new. From Ye to Drake to The Carters and all the other new albums released this year, it’s difficult for a lot of less-mainstream drops to get the attention they may fully deserve. And that’s unfortunate because some of the sonic highlights of 2018 have been independent releases.

That being said, I would put BY MY LONESOME up against any new music that has been released so far this year. Personal bias admitted and put aside, from start to finish this project is an absolute trip that rides the waves of life’s highs and lows. And thanks to the young musical savant who liberated this album from the inner most parts of his being, the listener gets to experience each and every step of the journey.

BY MY LONESOME is available now on all streaming platforms, including Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. Artwork for the project comes courtesy of Bibisi.

In addition to the stream, I’ve included the “Never Far Enough”/”Into the Sunset” music video, shot and edited by Joey Batts and Bklyn. Experience all the feels below.



  1. Favorite Albums of 2018 ⋆ Hxppy Thxxghts 24 December, 2018 at 13:15 Reply

    […] BY MY LONESOME served as the debut solo project from RUDY and it set the tone for what the remainder of his year – in regards to releases – would look and sound like. And that’s not to say the rest of his 2018 drops sounded similar. Rather, every release that followed would come with a different energy and a unique perspective, two traits that help define what BY MY LONESOME represents. […]

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