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Fresh off their adventure to Nova Scotia, the ROY G. BV creators have liberated a new record and an accompanying video.

“POMP AND POWER” initially stands out thanks to the use of auto tune at the start of the track to distort Joey’s voice, an effect I’m not used to seeing from Batts. One of the aspects of this ROY G. BV venture that makes it so enjoyable to witness is the mutual pushing of creative boundaries and the stepping out of comfort zones.

Lyrically, “POMP AND POWER” gets a little wavy, touching on some solemn subject matter while still keeping an upbeat vibe, before turning into an uplifting anthem thanks to Rudy’s #toosweet vocals. And the high frequency of the record is accented by the clear level of enjoyment Rudy and Batts are having, which is apparent both sonically and visually.

There is a contagious, lighthearted pleasure that encompasses the self-shot visuals, as viewers witness Joey shooting off fireworks as Rudy stands in the forefront, both artists wylin’ out to the music. Watching the video definitely helped fill the void left by a pyro-less WWE.

Beyond the music, the highlight of “POMP AND POWER” is how much fun you can tell Joey Batts and Rudy are having throughout the entire process. What we are witnessing is two friends who have come together to create unique multimedia content and, in doing so, are growing closer in their friendship.

Artwork by Bibisi.

Stream “POMP AND POWER” and watch the video below.

And while we’re at it, here’s “Gainsboro”, another joint from Batts and Rudy originally released in June.

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