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Stream: ROY G. BV II (Soundtrack)

Just take a moment to put this into perspective real quick…

Rudy, a young man who has a job/career and a life, created not one but two soundtracks in only about one year’s time. Two totally unique experiences, that manage to capture such a wide spectrum of emotions and vibes. This would be impressive enough on it’s own but then factor in how the ROY G. BV projects came in addition to his own debut solo album and a collab tape with Detelj.

Dedication. Passion. Hunger. Talent. And a need to create, to free himself of life’s natural stresses and weights through the use of instruments, sounds and other sonic vibrations.

And then you add in the addition of Joey Batts, whose poetic prose fills Rudy’s ambient and experimental instrumentation with the perfect dose of lyrical context.

The result is beyond a simple soundtrack. It’s an experience; a trip that fills listeners up and then strips them bare. As powerful as the film is, the ROY G. BV II soundtrack is more than capable of standing on it’s own. Together, the visuals and music build upon each other but one could press play on this collection of music and feel, gain and learn just as much.

Music should make you feel something – that “something” will depend on the vibe the creator is aiming for. What Rudy and Joey have done with ROY G. BV II is magical as it makes the listener feel such a plethora of emotions from start to finish. It’s personal, expressive and raw. The music will make you smile, you’ll get goosebumps, you’ll experience sorrow and you’ll get a real feel for where Rudy and Batts are at.

At the risk of revealing personal bias, I’m so proud of my friends. Couple creative geniuses, ya know? Shit’s mad inspiring.

Support the movement by purchasing your ROY G. BV II download via Bandcamp.

Stream the soundtrack below.

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