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Watch Now: Romaro Franceswa - Please Don't Tell My Mama [prod. Antwon Vinson]

Romaro Franceswa has a new album on the way and, according to the Washington-based wordsmith, the forthcoming project will serve to reveal chapters of the story of his life. The album will offer glimpses and details of what Franceswa has been through, what he’s learned along the way so far, and where he’s going. With “Please Don’t Tell My Mama,” listeners find themselves on the receiving end of chapter one.

Throughout the new single, Romaro saturates the track with lyrically dense content as he shines a light on the push and pull of growing up between the trap house and the church. With a composed yet impassioned flow, his words are delivered articulately and with precision – there is no wasted wordplay, no filler; the power of each statement is felt by the listener as it finds liberation from Franceswa’s psyche. We experience the dissonance, the struggle and, perhaps more than anything, the mental and emotional strength of the man reciting his prose.

Featuring production from Antwon Vinson, “Please Don’t Tell My Mama” is nothing short of a sonic journey for all those who press play. The fidelity between the instrumentation and Franceswa’s delivery is immaculate – it’s as though the two separate parts merge into one as they slowly build towards the eventual eruption of fiery energy and musical purge. Romaro is not simply riding Vinson’s beat – they are both the vehicle, taking the audience for a ride deep into the history, head space and heart space of Romaro Franceswa.

Kyle McCarty brings the track to life with the music video that feels more like a short film than your typical visual. Shot primarily in black and white, the imagery finds color as the track itself is fading out – we see what feels like a cleanse and rebirth of our protagonist as an enigmatic monologue closes out the record. The video is never “artsy” for the sake of being “arsty” – it’s a wondrously pieced together experience that provides an even greater sense of vitality to the already lively “Please Don’t Tell My Mama.”

Man, if this first single is any sign of what’s to come, we should all be looking forward to what the complete project has to offer.

“Please Don’t Tell My Mama” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch the video below.

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