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Listen Now: Romaro Franceswa - Blessings (feat. Dave B, Ariana DeBoo & Josephine Howell) [prod. Antwon Vinson]

With his new album set for liberation on Friday, Romaro Franceswa follows up the release of “Please Don’t Tell My Mama” with “Blessings.” The latest from Franceswa continues the revealing essence set forth by the March drop, serving to publicize another page from the diary of Romaro’s life and times. Despite only two previews of what’s to come on Friday’s project, Franceswa has done a wondrous job making it clear the album will be his most personal and promulgating body of work to date.

“Blessings”, dancing between gospel sounds and trap energy, shines light on the tug-of-war of influences present in Franceswa’s environment – one is left to presume these influences, both dark and light, existed during his childhood just as they still exist to this day. From the pews to the street, the juxtaposition of church and trap weighs heavily on the record, as if the proverbial angel and devil on his shoulder have manifested in the physical world. Delivering his prose with impassioned fury, that somehow balances with a cool demeanor, Franceswa is unabashed in the telling of his story.

The single features Dave B, Ariana DeBoo and Josephine Howell, helping to breathe different elements of life into “Blessings” through the layered energy each artist comes forth with. Dave B laces the joint with smooth delivery of a thought provoking verse, while DeBoo does what she does best, quite literally blessing “Blessings” with her angelic vocals. I’m sure I’m not alone in my constant desire to hear DeBoo grace a track, so it’s nice to hear her on this one. And Howell brings the choir to “Blessings,” filling the sonic landscape with powerful gospel. It’s a lot going on, but never once does “Blessings” seem crowded or oversaturated with artistic presence.

Man, I’ve been a fan of Antwon Vinson for a while now, thanks to his close association with Black Umbrella. But, good God, he has truly stepped into his own over the course of the last year or so. This man is cooking up such intricate, well-balanced and emotive instrumentation. No matter who he’s working with, the production coming from Vinson finds pristine fidelity with the lyrical content featured on the track. And “Blessings” is no exception, as Vinson blends smooth jazzy elements with bopping, knocking hip-hop and then sprinkles the whole thing with glimmers of the church. The beat on this one houses each artist perfectly, as if wrapping “Blessings” in the arms of the Divine.

“Blessings” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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