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Watch Now: Rising Appalachia - Harmonize

Rising Appalachia, a tag-team of singers/songwriters and instrumentalists who also happen to be sisters, begin the roll-out of their forthcoming Leylines album with the release of “Harmonize.”

According to the sisters, the new release is intended to be a love song, one that opens the doors of the self to a higher form of love. Blanketed not so subtly beneath their whimsical, enlivened delivery, the sisters fill “Harmonize” with airy dialogue on the importance of being present, both for yourself and for others. The song is a call to action, encouraging each individual to step into their true, authentic self. In doing so, we leave ourselves open to the miracles that exist in the simple, natural beauty of the Earth we call home here in the physical.

The video features Rising Appalachia blissfully performing “Harmonize,” basking in the medicine of the sun. Interwoven are clips of their real life friends adventuring through nature, taking part in a variety of activities that at once fill them up and heal their splintered pieces. The entirety of the visual experience is centered around the forging of a deeper connection with nature, soaking in all the medicine Mother Earth has to offer. As all things are connected, we begin to learn more about ourselves as our relationship with the Earth grows stronger. Coupled with the sisters’ beautiful lyrics, the video wondrously displays how simple acts can manifest a greater understanding of true love in oneself. It only takes a small fanning of the flicker of light within to ignite the internal flame of the soul.

For some behind the scenes footage of the creative process, check out the duo’s “The Making of Harmonize.” Fans are also able to stream “Harmonize” and pre-order Leylines, which will include features from Ani DiFranco and Trevor Hall, here.

Press play on “Harmonize” below.

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