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Watch Now: Richard Vagner - Rest (Live Acoustic)

Richard Vagner is no stranger to the Sugarshack Sessions and he once again returns to the Florida-based compound for an acoustic performance of “Rest,” which finds life on Vagner’s Boulder. In a wondrous display of talent and meditative focus, the Colorado-bred multi-instrumentalist loops and layers his way through the record as he uses the majestic sonic vibrations to take his audience on an engaging adventure.

Watching Vagner at work, one notices the intention he puts into his music – it’s this intention that serves as a guiding light, illuminating the way for the manifestation of musical medicine. And, man, when he lays down the foundation and then picks up the violin? There is a trance-like aura encompassing Vagner, as if he becomes one with the instrument. “Rest” features a unity between man and instrument, transcending any sort of physical constraints and bringing to life the beautiful story that exists within the song.

Boulder is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Enjoy “Rest” below.

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