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Watch Now: Richard Vagner - Arches (feat. Trevor Hall)

Mmmm…when the powerful music couples with the power of Mother Earth’s natural beauty, “Arches” transcends the audio/video elements and becomes an experience in and of itself.

Boulder is one of my favorite projects of the year, as the ethereal sonic vibrations come together to tell masterful stories through sound – it’s musical medicine in its purest manifestation. And Trevor Hall is my favorite artist (tied at #1 with Kanye West, if we’re being wholly transparent). So to say I was thrilled to see the Hall-featured “Arches” receive the visual treatment would be a blatant understatement. But beyond all my personal bias, few things in regards to music in recent memory have brought me as much joy as experiencing the beautiful talent of Richard Vagner continue to blossom. This young man dances with his eclectic blend of instruments and creates otherworldly sounds – I have tried to simply listen to his work, and I can’t. Without fail, every time I press play – whether it’s Boulder or his collection of Sugarshack videos, or anything else, I get lost in the music. It’s like a spiritual journey through sound.

And I freaking love it!

Sorry, excuse me for a moment…let me collect myself and return to the subject at hand.

Oh, yes. “Arches.” Man, the way Hall’s mystical vocals compliment Vagner’s performance is wild. There is a graceful fidelity taking place before our very eyes, ears and spirits. It’s beautiful. They rise and fall, together and separately, washing over the audience like the cleansing waves of the ocean. And the wondrous Boulder, CO backdrop sets the scene splendidly as Orion Yorke captures the most pristine of landscapes to bring “Arches” to a visual life.

All of the music and vocals and visual aesthetics are elevated by the genuine friendship on display throughout the video. Viewers don’t have to look far or wide to feel the love that exists between Richard Vagner and Trevor Hall – one can tell they vibe with each other and they enjoyed creating this record and video. And, when the creators are having fun, it makes the viewing experience all the more enjoyable for the audience.

One last thing – that flaming bow is some powerful imagery!

Boulder is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Enjoy “Arches” below.

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