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Watch Now: Reverie & Louden - Take My Breath

Joining forces with Louden, Reverie delivers an enchanting visual experience that will stir the deepest of emotions while drawing goosebumps to the surface of all those who press play. Throughout the Enkrypt-filmed “Take My Breath,” the LA-based Reverie floats over the production with an airy delivery that sounds as though it’s emerging from a place beyond the constraints of our physical reality. As she purges her thoughts, listeners experience the hurt, pain and anguish along with her. However, we also become fully aware of the power and perseverance projected through her words and voice. No matter the suffering that may have occurred, Reverie stands prominently in the encompassing aura of her warrior spirit – far from defeated, she is strengthened from the experience and more powerful than ever.

The production sounds as though it would be the perfect home for the fiery delivery of sharp lyricism, which Reverie is no stranger to. Admittedly, I was expecting her to drop a verse at some point but the juxtaposed energy of the instrumentation and her angelic vocals works well in balancing the vibe and bringing a unique vibrancy to “Take My Breath.”

Visually, “Take My Breath” is as captivating as the accompanying music. Simultaneously simple and complex, there is little going yet the presence and aesthetic display of Reverie speaks volumes in and of itself. It’s magical, mystical and yet grounded in its lucidity.

Watch the video below.

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