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Watch Now: Raz Simone & Mozzy - Give You Time [prod. Anthony Danza]

With their collaborative project, Members By All Movements, available now, Raz Simone and Mozzy link up for “Give You Time.” Like the album itself, “Give You Time” features the sonic and energetic fidelity between the two artists – it’s a beautiful balance of unique styles and vibes.

“Give You Time” sees Raz and Mozzy speaking on their personal experiences with harboring feelings for a lost soul, telling the same story with clashing deliveries. A testament to their artistry, despite the vast stylistic variance the verses come together harmoniously. It’s a beautiful fit, as both emcees come through in their most authentic forms, capturing a similar sentiment while kicking game in their idiosyncratic fashion. Listeners gain a sense of the raw emotions they feel, as well as the mindfulness to let go in order to save their physical, mental and spiritual well being. Love is love and, if it’s real, it doesn’t go away. But sometimes, you have to recognize when to love from a distance.

Simone drops knowledge with a soulful blend of bars and vocals, while Mozzy enters the fray with sharp, poignant prose. Our protagonists both come through swinging, pulling no punches as they lay their honest, heartfelt truths on the table. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of pure emotion and care with a touch of disdain – the love is genuine, but they don’t have time to waste enabling and feeding into a “ho.” Of course, this awareness and philosophy on life can be applied to relationships beyond the stereotypical love life. No matter whose ego takes the hit, cutting ties and stepping back from different relationships is always the right choice if it’s coming from a place of love for yourself. You can’t do for others unless you’re doing for you – and it’s hard to do for yourself if there are toxic energies infesting your circle and personal space.

Mind, body and soul. It’s all connected. So know who to cut off and when to do it. More often than not, cutting ties does not stem from a lack of love for someone else but an increased awareness of the love you have for yourself.

Anthony Danza absolutely laces “Give You Time” with the most proper of production. There’s a vibrant, cool energy encompassing Raz and Mozzy, resulting in an emotive bop that goes hard but in a subtle manner. Danza’s instrumentation craddles the lyrical content, pushing the vocals to the forefront of the record while still hovering prominently in the background.

And, man, you can never say enough positive words about Jacob Hill’s work. I remember the early days of Hill linking with Black Umbrella and the content was beautiful back then. To see the ways he continues to grow in his own artistry puts a smile on my face every time something new comes around. From the captivating shots to the slick edits, Jacob always finds a way to bring new dimensions to the sonic foundation he creates around. “Give You Time” is no different, the video helping to elevate and portray the story behind the music in wondrous fashion.

Members By All Movements is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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