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Watch Now: Raz Simone - Hurting Painters

With a new album available everywhere tomorrow, Raz Simone wraps up his Still Love roll-out with the release of a brand new visual experience. Showcasing the unique artistic vision Simone possesses, the Jacob Hill-shot “Hurting Painters” features a visual backdrop that some may feel is contrary to the content presented in the song itself. However, upon deeper examination, the juxtaposing energies work together magnificently to orchestrate a dialogue concerning the relationship between love, race/racism and the lifestyle some individuals live in order to rise from the systematically implemented inequality.

“Hurting Painters” manages to bring forth commentary on important subject matter, tying the main focuses together while also speaking on how these factors impact – and hurt – the individual(s) who find themselves labeled and judged simply based on their “cover”. It’s a stirring presentation that does not limit it’s reach to black/white, as Simone ensures the mother/daughter tandems are made up of a variety of racial and ethnic individuals.

Delivering his poignant streams of consciousness in a soft-spoken fashion, backed by similarly dim keys and string-based production, Simone reveals the ways in which these hurtful, ill-conceived labels carry from one generation to the next. And how this cycle finds it’s foundation in stereotypes and an unwillingness to look beyond what one sees on the surface.

Everybody is capable of love – the color of skin that covers your physical plays no role in determining one’s ability to experience the powerful force that is love.

Following a successful listening party on Sunday, Simone’s Still Love drops tomorrow. This will be Raz’s most extensive release yet, which is saying something based on the vast catalogue that already exists. Fans have the opportunity to receive the album early – as well as invites to Simone’s private listening events in the future – by subscribing to him. Yes, you read that right – subscribe to Raz Simone here.

Press play on “Hurting Painters” below.

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