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Watch Now: Raz Simone - Forever Don't Last

Raz Simone ended 2018 with his Christmas themed “Santa Claus” but he’s quickly returning to the Still Love saga for his first release of 2019.

With the new album on the way, Simone uses “Forever Don’t Last” to provide listeners with another perspective of love, adding to the growing spectrum he has presented thus far with “Dancing With My Heart” and “Isn’t Love“. Continuing to use his personal experiences and lessons to his advantage, Raz has been able to vividly portray varying expressions of love, demonstrating the powerful capability of love to come forth in countless forms.

Love is beautiful, confusing, inspiring, motivating, painful and so much more. It has the ability to lift you up and break you down. For that reason, you have to stay mindful and be aware of the presence of love in your life – and be careful not to mistake real love for an illusion of love.

On “Forever Don’t Last”, Simone is utilizing the traditional concept of love between two people to capture and symbolize a wider, more all-encompsing portrayal of love. Riding through the vast openness of isolation, decked out in a tux with a wedding dress hanging out the car, Simone attacks the production with revelations about his own life. The content filling the track covers a wide range of topics, from his street life to his son and the concern and warnings from his family.

In life, you need to recognize when to let go of certain people – lovers, friends, brothers, family, business partners, etc. The “love” may remain, but their presence in your life and the sharing of energy needs to be removed. As the Jacob Hill-shot visual demonstrates, the physical relationship does not need to last forever.

Love yourself enough to cut ties with the toxic energies in your life.

Press play below to enjoy the latest drop from the Black Umbrella family.

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