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Watch Now: Radical Face - Hard Of Hearing

Radical Face has a new EP set for release on April 26th and, according to the artist himselfTherapy will feature some the most direct work and songwriting of his lengthy career. Rather than use narrative storytelling to compose the songs, the Florida-based artist will be speaking from – and on – his own experiences. The entirety of the EP will be intended to address the “aftermath” – the stages encompassing the period following the life changing events that have taken place.

“Hard Of Hearing” serves as the first release off the forthcoming EP and the new release paints a vivid picture of what Radical Face dubs the “awkward middle period.” Captured pristinely in the chorus, the song is all about knowing you’re not well but accepting you’re alright. It’s an intriguing state of mind to consider, juggling the emotional trauma and baggage with the, at times reluctant, need to move life forward. Thanks to the authentic songwriting on display throughout “Hard Of Hearing,” it becomes quite evident there is unresolved internal struggle at play despite the physical ability to move through the day to day routines.

Written, directed and edited by Radical Face, the “Hard Of Hearing” visual experience is a balanced offering of lighthearted darkness and morbidly tongue-in-cheek imagery. The juxtaposition of different emotions drawn from viewers creates a sense of comfort, taking an all too real subject matter and serving it in an easily digestible, visually stimulating package. At once, the video is honest, twisted, silly and humorous. And it makes clear there is no cure-all, easy to follow guide to personal, mental and emotional health. It’s easy to offer cliche suggestions when you aren’t going through it, but more often than not those suggestions are overused and oversimplified.

Watch “Hard Of Hearing” below.

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