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Watch Now: R.LUM.R - How This Feels

Dropping alongside a strikingly enticing visual treatment, “How This Feels” serves as our first look at the upcoming major label debut from R.LUM.R. The different building blocks of the record work together to offer an intimate glimpse into the impassioned isolation of the Florida-bred and Nashville-based artist.

“How This Feels” comes to life as R.LUM.R fills the heavy weight of the production with his smooth and emotive delivery. As the Island Records representative rattles off his prose, the content feels as if it’s being purged from the depths of his being. The record is saturated with an aura of authenticity as each high and low of R.LUM.R’s cadence dances together in wondrous fidelity. With the juxtaposing nature of the production and lyrics, “How This Feels” balances an overarching theme of isolation within the confines of a rock-infused R&B anthem. All the pieces fall with precision, building “How This Feels” brick by brick into one complete presentation of raw, chilling emotion.

As visually stimulating as it is sonically, “How This Feels” features contrasting scenes that help to portray the essence of isolation in the physical world. Even with a partner by his side, the push and pull of keeping the communication and emotional expression pure and authentic results in an overarching sense of being alone.

“How This Feels” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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