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Watch Now: R.LUM.R - Boys Should Never Cry

Following up the release of “How This Feels” earlier in the summer, R.LUM.R returns with a new record that will find life on his forthcoming major label debut. With “Boys Should Never Cry,” the Nashville by way of Florida-based artist tackles the issue of toxic masculinity. By first capturing the attention of his audience with a sonically engaging track, R.LUM.R goes on to use the record to offer engaging commentary on the ways in which society pushes men and boys to suppress and deny their true emotions, flaws and – as a result – collective healing.

The track, while pieced together beautifully in regards to the musical landscape, serves a much greater purpose thanks to the message behind R.LUM.R’s prose. Rather than get in tune with, accept and embrace emotions, our culture encourages males to “just get over it” rather than be a “pussy or bitch.” As a result, the pain is internalized and, in due time, either boils to the surface in acts of senseless violence or breaks individuals down internally – both in a physical and mental/emotional manner. This is toxic masculinity – the reason some men believe women are nothing more than objects of sexual desire, the reason people are more prone to get violent than talk through disagreements. And, of course, the reason many males are afraid to admit when they are experiencing issues with their mental health – it’s a sign of weakness.

As a society, we need to do better. Working in a school with young children, I experience the detrimental effects of this ideology on the daily and it becomes disheartening rather quickly. Young boys afraid to admit they like the color pink simply because pink is a “girl color” – this example is so minuscule, but has the potential to rapidly cause a domino effect that pervades the psyche, the headspace and the heart space of individuals. It starts with simple things like colors and toys. Before long, it becomes a cancerous ideology that ripples out across generations. “Boys Should Never Cry” provides a beautiful presentation of a twisted, dated way of life that more and more people are waking up to.

Displaying his ability to hit the high notes, R.LUM.R floats over the soft production with a striking falsetto. This dude can sing and the enchanting music serves as a fantastic vehicle to address the important subject matter. Sometimes, people don’t want to hear about the things we all do that have negative impacts on the world we live in. But, when the topic is addressed through music, it helps the message be received in a more engaging fashion.

“Boys Should Never Cry” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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