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Qveen Herby - WAP

Um, ok, so…uhh…hmmm…

Where was I? Oh yeah, that’s right…Qveen Herby is here to reign rain over her Qveendom. Always ready to tip her crown to the Goddesses out here making statements, the Qveen slides through with an immaculate homage to Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s “WAP.” The song, which has turned a lot of heads since its release, finds itself on the receiving end of a Qveen-mix as Qveen Herby takes the song, chops it up and puts her own unique spin on the tantalizing record.

Of course the song is controversial. Of course the song is upsetting certain people. Of course there is a vocal group of naysayers who criticize the song and the artists behind it for the overt sexuality on display. But, my friends, in the eyes of this professional amateur blogger music journalist there is something so poetic and so powerfully beautiful about women flipping the script and absolutely owning their sexuality. It’s 2020 baby and the raw and effervescent Divine Feminine is finna Ric Flair strut all up in this b*tch.

Take your power back, ladies. Woo!

The OG version of the song is a vibe. So it’s inherently risky deciding to plant your flag in the trenches of the hit record. Leave it to Qveen Herby to take that risk, keep it risqué and pay her respects all at once. Rather than simply recite the lyrics, Qveen meticulously flows through select verses, even going so far as to switch up the order of Meg’s rhymes. And, my goodness my Goddess, does it work! Couple that creative freedom with her vivacious delivery – it’s sultry, confident and engaging – and you got yourself a whole new vibe.

And you know whenever we get a visual from Qveen Herby it’s going to pop. So don’t be shocked when you press play on the accompanying video and find yourself all sorts of lost in the feels. Confidence is a motherf**ker and, even in all black, Qveen is shining bright like a diamond. But, when you’re riding the waves of the ultralight beam with BDE and WAP, that should come as no surprise.

Qveen Herby’s rendition of “WAP” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Be sure to enjoy the Hxppy Thxxghts Interview with Qveen Herby if you’ve been sleeping on it.

Catch the vibes below.

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