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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - Mozart (feat. Blimes & Gifted Gab) [prod. Nick Noonan]

Man, you’re gonna have to bow down and pay your respects to the Queens for this one. I mean, damn…just damn. Your boy found himself a little speechless after running through “Mozart” the first time – and I’m still pretty unsure how to properly capture the essence of Qveen Herby’s B.A.G-assisted EP 6 single. From the smooth delivery of top-shelf lyricism to the captivating – an understatement – and trippy visual experience, “Mozart” exemplifies what these talented artists have been doing for a minute now: kicking the fucking door down as they lay claim to their well deserved earned placement in the hip-hop and music spotlight.

“Mozart” is a bop – A. Fucking. BOP. – that will fill even the most melancholy of individuals with a newfound sense of energy and life. Yes, this is thanks to the silky delivery and the vibey, light knock of the production. But, in my humble opinion, the real energy present within the sonic foundation of “Mozart” erupts through due to the radiating confidence Herby, Blimes and Gifted Gab bring to the table. Ain’t a thing fraudulent about their braggadocious prose, the entirety of the track remaining nothing less than authentic as each emcee struts along the thin line separating cocky and confident. It’s empowering, no matter what’s located between your legs, to hear these three bask in their self-assured, self-confident and self-loving auras.

And the lyrics? Slick. Each verse is layered with quick witted wordplay and sharp, mind-bending concepts. There is intelligence on display throughout their prose, woven between the at times humorous lines and poignant delivery. There’s no question Qveen Herby, Gab and Blimes compliment each other on wax, finding fidelity as their flows blend into the enigma that is “Mozart.”

EP 6 is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Enjoy “Mozart” below.

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