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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - Check

Woo! How can there not be a smile creeping across your face when Qveen Herby liberates something new from the vault, hereby commencing the roll-out of her next project? I mean, based off presence alone, Herby steps onto the scene with an aura that’ll leave you enchanted. Couple that energy with the fact her music is consistently a vibe-laden, spirit lifting experience? Folks, we’ve got a star on our hands.

Praises due to the music Goddesses and Gods for aligning the stars just right so the former Karmin songstress could journey through the darkness of the industry in order to step into her own light, power and true self. ‘Cause, admittedly, I rocked with that “Look At Me Now” flip back in the day but these gems we’ve been getting since the transformation into Qveen Herby have been endless. I’m telling you – you could mute the music (but why would you do that!?) and you’ll still be left totally hypnotized by the movement and physical presence of Qveen Herby. Vibes ain’t ever told a lie to ya, and the vibes on deck here with Herby are making statements.

After a string of stripped down live performances of some classic hits, Herby comes through swinging with “Check.” Right from the jump, listeners will appreciate the swagged out confidence of the record. It’s a testament to embracing your true self and standing – proudly – in your authenticity. You may have to travel over a few speed bumps and work your way around some roadblocks, but stay true to your vision and stay true to your self and you’ll be able to bask in the fruits of your determination and drive. Just look at Qveen Herby – not a thing about her story was manifested easily; but she’s rocking now with a team that recognize the unabashed power of a united – and creatively free – vision.

“Check” serves as a tip of the cap to Qveen’s idols and inspirations, most notably here the wonderful flip of Missy Elliot’s “I’m Really Hot.” Fans of the OG will appreciate the show of respect. And everyone will appreciate the rapid, fiery confidence on display by Qveen Herby as she fills the slap of the production with her prose. It’s definitely telling when certain legends in the game give the greenlight and “Check” embodies and exemplifies the ever growing star that is Qveen Herby.

Highlighting the aforementioned presence of Herby is the accompanying visual, directed by Nick Noonan. As we’ve come to expect from the Herby camp, “Check” is a fine balance of generational imagery, popping choreography and self-aware sexuality. It’s out there, odd and sexy, all at once. But the best part is the absolute owning of the physical self. In a vein similar to Herby’s refusal to allow her artistry to be defined by people who did not understand her, she shines on the screen – it’s enticing and seductive, but not in a “sex sells” type of way. In a sense, it’s an ode to the power – and inherent beauty – that ripples as a result of confidence.

“Check” will live on EP 8 and is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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