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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - Chakras

Get your sage and crystals on deck because Qveen Herby is about to slide through with EP 9. In the meantime, the Qveendom have yet another single to hold them over until the release of the forthcoming EP. After dropping “Mission” not long ago, Qveen Herby returns with the aura cleansing “Chakras.” The latest drop will leave you ready to cut out all the negative energy from your life and have you vibin’ around the room as the bass-laden bop bumps through the speakers.

If you didn’t know, Qveen Herby is all about that good energy. With “Chakras,” the unabashed songstress steps up with a wondrous contemplation on protecting her energy, keeping her vessel clean and eliminating the vampires and leeches from her auric field. Throughout the song, it becomes abundantly clear that Qveen Herby recognizes the internal strength and alignment that comes from cutting ties with the people trying to cast a shadow over her radiance. Taking care of yourself is self-love and the practice of self-love carries with it the real potential of hurting other people’s egos. And guess what? While we should all aim to think, speak, act and live from a place of love, it doesn’t do you any good to suppress your own shine in order to shelter the ego of another.

The Qveen floats over the bombastic production, forging a lovely balance between engaging vocals and a slick delivery of quick-witted prose. With each new EP, we have the opportunity to witness the evolution of Qveen Herby and it’s sounding like EP 9 will see a leap even deeper into a state of self-awareness and self-love. It’s a fine line between cocky and confident and, my friends, Qveen Herby has mastered the art of planting her flag up and down that line.

Visually, “Chakras” is another stunning manifestation of Qveen Herby’s vision. From the wardrobe to the lack thereof, the accompanying video is highlighted by an individual who proudly stands in her own glory. This one has self-love and acceptance written all over it as Qveen Herby absolutely owns her sensuality and sexuality while allowing her raw beauty to shine brighter than ever.

“Chakras” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Oh and please don’t sleep on the Hxppy Thxxghts Interview with Qveen Herby.

Catch the vibe and get aligned below.

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