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Watch Now: Quinn XCII - Two 10s

There’s something so sweet about dipping into the nostalgic vibes of your youth, remembering and reliving what it was like to be young, naive and – at the end of the day – care free. Of course, at the time, you probably felt like you were caring about a lot – but man, wouldn’t it be lovely to only have to care about your teenage angst-based issues as an adult? Keeping with the same energy he brought forth with “Stacy,” Quinn XCII continues down the experimental and nostalgia-laden path with his latest release, “Two 10s.”

The vibrant, engaging record is sure to hit you in the feels whether you’re a teenager today or have been through those formative years and lived to tell about them. “Two 10s” dances with the bliss of being slipped $20 and spending the night with some friends. As an adult, $20 feels like nothing but when you’re a yout’, those crisp bills will leave you feeling like a God…especially when you’re pre-party phase and the night consists of arcade games, bowling, skating rinks and some greasy eats. The record comes complete with the slick white lies and cover ups to keep parents off your trail all while remaining pure, innocent and not yet a derelict. It really does a beautiful job capturing the ways in which simple adventures take on the form of magical experiences.

In doing so, “Two 10s” does a fantastic job juxtaposing the inner child with the disease of “real life” that poisons so many adults, serving as a reminder to hold on to that inner child no matter how tall your responsibilities may seem. Throughout the captivating and fun visual experience, viewers witness firsthand the battle between the adult and child perspectives – the kids are living it up, engulfed in flashing lights and good vibes; the father is sitting in the sickening color scheme, impatiently waiting for his son to wrap up the evening. “Two 10s,” beyond the catchy sonic foundation, is a testament to the importance of appreciating and finding life in the small moments. It never hurts to hold on to those memories and the magic found within them so you can pull yourself up from the sometimes blahness of the “real world.”

I’m excited to see where Quinn XCII takes this new flow of releases as 2020 continues to unfold. Based on “Stacy” and “Two 10s” it would appear he’s having fun stepping into new territory with his artistry, which is coupling quite well with the nostalgic sentiment and themes present in the music.

“Two 10s” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Enjoy the vibes below.

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