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Watch Now: Quinn XCII - Coffee (feat. Marc E. Bassy) (Acoustic)

I’ve been all up in my feels lately dealing with some personal shifts and music has been helping me maneuver through the emotions. It’s been picking me up and body slamming me down all at once. And ain’t that the beautiful thing about music? Always something for whatever you’re going through.

Friends, that’s what Hxppy Thxxghts is all about.

Quinn XCII‘s Marc E. Bassy-assisted “Coffee” had been getting frequent spins from yours truly prior to the current personal shifts but, lemme tell ya, it’s been getting played and overplayed even more ever since. Sad Boi doesn’t feel so sad as Quinn and Marc take turns crooning their way ever so smoothly through the track ever. And it’s a wonderful experience to hear it stripped down in this acoustic take.

“Coffee” is a beautiful record that really highlights the sharpness of Quinn’s songwriting. From top to bottom, it’s a simple record and one that’s easy to digest – you could absolutely just vibe out to the soundscape if that’s your cup of tea. But if you’d prefer to sit back and allow the emotive lyrics to really resonate, “Coffee” brings forth a wave of thoughts, reflections and contemplation. The song comes to life thanks to the elegant delivery and Marc’s anthemic flow, both of which create a sense of juxtaposition within the track. And, of course, both artists are left with a little bit more room to breathe with all the production replaced, shining a bright light on the content and delivery of their respective prose.

A Letter to My Younger Self is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play on the acoustic rendition of “Coffee” below.

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