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Listen Now: Puddlejumper - Blue Glass

Shoutout to the plug for the new music alley-oop.

Puddlejumper, a duo consisting of Soleil Engin and Hannah Wilson-Black, are prepping the release of their debut EP. As the roll-out progresses forward, Puddlejumper drop off the ethereal vibes of “Blue Glass,” a record written and produced by Engin and performed by Black.

“Blue Glass” is a wonderful juxtaposition in ambient power – the rolling tide of production forges together with the distant, airy vocals to manifest an enchanting and dream-like soundscape. The song manages to pull the strings on the emotive space of the listener, dancing at once with the act of moving forward while still remaining tied to the past with the sirens song of reflection and memories. The energy cast forth by the vocals and sonic backdrop is one of isolation – even listening, one feels as if they are alone with the song before them.

As “Blue Glass” brushes light strokes across the canvas, we’re left with vibrant and moving images of the isolation and mournful detachment that goes hand in hand with the shifts and transitions we all face in some form or fashion in our lives. In doing so, “Blue Glass” stands as a moment in time that is easy to relate to and connect with. And, let’s face it, when you feel like a song is singing to your life…it doesn’t get better than that.

Daps and pounds to Puddlejumper for pledging 100% of all sales and profits of “Blue Glass” to Brave Space Alliance and Trans Women of Color Collective. Whether you purchase the single via Bandcamp or stream it on your service of choice, the revenue will find its way to a good place.

Press play below.

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