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Watch Now: Pell - Too Much Of A Good Thing

One of my favorite artists as of late – who I’ve yet to write about, for whatever f’n reason – is Pell. The New Orleans-based artist brings quite the unique energy to the table, balancing and juxtaposing equal parts R&B with hip-hop. And, in this day and age, that might not seem like such a “unique” quality, but Pell couples this balance with a wild blend of vibes that allow him to stand out from the pack. There’s something engaging and different about Pell, an authenticity that rises above words and truly needs to be experienced through his music.

Pell celebrates the release of his 13-track Gravity with an official visual treatment for “Too Much Of A Good Thing,” one of the albums singles. The record features an impassioned delivery that carries the anthemic joint upon the vibrantly atmospheric production. Highlighting the balanced artistic display of the artist, “Too Much Of A Good Thing” is a fun track that still walks unabashedly into an underlying depth – you’ll be able to vibe to this one, but don’t ignore the substance taking place alongside the bopping sonic foundation.

The visual is beautifully shot, bringing the essence of the song to life through back and forth shots of Pell and his partner outside and confined within four walls. It’s interesting to watch the video dance between flashy and simplistic, again highlighting the balance of Pell.

Gravity is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch “Too Much Of A Good Thing” below.


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