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Watch Now: PAC - It's Like This [Church] (feat. Taj Austin) [prod. Nino Beige]

Man, this guy PAC really knows how to roll through with wild nostalgia while still bringing everything to life with a mindful and modern appeal. From the lyrical content and delivery to accompanying visual experience, “It’s Like This [Church]” feels like it was plucked from the ’90s and spiced up with a little contemporary gusto, resulting in a beautiful final package ready for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Between PAC and Taj Austin, the record is absolutely littered with sharp penmanship – from start to finish, it’s an onslaught of layered depth masked in the smooth delivery of both artists. It’s just raw and real storytelling, painting pictures with their prose and allowing all those who press play to catch the energy they’re dishing out. We’re talking a track full of quotables, but every line carries some powerful imagery, significance and meaning.

And it’s notable how little room to breath exists on “It’s Like This [Church].” From the Nino Beige’s vibey production to the fiery verses and the quick interludes, this joint is saturated with different elements and various things going on. But it never feels cluttered – rather, PAC and company take full advantage of the sonic landscape, making sure no bit of space goes to waste. Each line, each switch in cadence, each call and response…everything fits together like a finely placed puzzle piece. I think it was clear after I heard “Help Me, Help U,” but this one only serves to further cement that PAC is built different. If you’re looking for an artist to keep your eyes on in 2020, you found him in PAC.

“It’s Like This [Church]” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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